Glosario: GGG — Jacobs [in]

Right now, both Santos SaúlCaneloÁlvarez and Golden Boy Productions are on Madison Square Garden Time, and if they are not —they should be.
TimeStamp:  2100   2300 hours EST.

What would Julio César Chávez do,
if his son, Jr., would take the Cinco de Mayo fight
from the Cinnamon Man?
The still, Middleweight Champion of The World:
Gennady  Gennadyevish Golovkin  says
that he is hungry por una rajita del canelo.

But what if Chávez, with his Banda style
defeats Álvarez, —y su manera de ser: charro.
Y, pues, ¿ni modo que digan que no?
¿A poco Saúl, acaso no es de Guadalajara?

We here [at staff] stand with what Roy Jones, Jr. said
at the end of the Triple G—Jacobs bout,
Golovkin should fight the best contender,
as opposed to the man in México, the one
with all of the hype.

If “Canelo” loses to Chávez Jr.,
then Gennady should take a “cinnamon” restrictive diet;
but of course, and as Daniel Jacobs —did— mentioned at the end of his loss:
it’s all about the big Dollar fights–and not about who actually deserves
to fight, the next fight.

Or something like that.


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