In Fargo, North Dakota — Faltan 15 para la media no—Ché

…well going’ pretty fast, looked behind
A-hear come the devil doin’ ninety-nine..
[Stray Cats at a Stop Light doin’ Race with the Devil in Berlin].

Good Morning.
Today  it’s  is Sunday, October 3.0 —2016
and in Paris it’s 5:45 in the a.m. dial.
There are 9 days left until the General Election
and all seats at La Maison de la* have already been RSVP’d.
The American Election Watch [in French] for November the 9th
is in Full-Effect here.

*  on the avenue du président Kennedy, 75016.


be advised that the frame ⇑ above ⇑ is a temporary, USO JUSTO de Todos los medios. Right now, the staff here, is trying to Catch_up to the Friday Morning Joe content in order to reprimand an “out-of-uniform-reporter.” Stick around, Kristen Welker gives the A-Ok to sit back and listen to the White Album until we Safely land on Abbey Road territory, via: White  Planes  PLAINS, WHITE PLAINS, New York… where else?

Context will most definitely follow… even if it’s like in the old days, when the people used to see the King eat Cake from the outside of the Versailles. In those days The Queen used to say: Let them eat Cake [the Staff has been Told].

Yesterday, or the day before,
the Staff heard
Echoing the sounds of
“Let them eat Chaos”.

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