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“…honey, [Katy my dear] disconnect the phone.¹”

TimeStamp: 0900 Hrs in CET

[ MACA files image-capture  follows …we hope [  affirmative ],  provided  the IT gurus FROM the BUZZfeed-de-France and the good-folks at MSNBC allow this blog to do so.]


I’m so tired.” Captain Sully —according to those fucken Baldwin guys on ‘the’ NBC… has done it again.    Shout out  to  Forrest Gump  for the box of Savoy_Truffles | La mix media aquí plasmada es un Uso Justo de todos los little “piggies“… and in case you can’t read between the lines: en el trochil se incluye al staff que aquí s’exprime.

We now return to the Continuing Coverage of The White Album:

according to the Gospel of Tracks:
1 and [ ] —and—13,14,15???
…in no particular order, Cousin Joe.
In no particular order, —in fact—
feel Free to MASH*-up
“Sweet Home Alabama” because at this rate
Watergate does not Bother me,” neither.
BUT the REPUBLICAN nominee for Commander in-Chief does.

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