The good thing about this blog_

…is that not one person
at the networks
visits this track.

Right now, it’s Half-past Midnight …CET
Good morning, today is Monday, October the 31st
Tomorrow is the countdown to the First Tuesday in November.
Esta noche es Halloween y mañana,
El Día de los Muertos*

Intermedio para preparar unos tacos de  Skittles®  à la mode  de los sesos del hijo de Donald Trump… “Yeah!!!


Yes. It’s a good idea to vote for Hillary Clinton. Yes it is, [by the güey] is Track Two —immediately after Real Love— on Disc 1 of the Anthology [Two] of  The  Skittles… perdón de Los Beatskits… “Plastic soul man, plastic soul…” said the Walrus immediately after breaking a glass—he broke a glass_a glass he broke, dijo Yoko.

… For the Final Jeopardy Round, Can You Guess what Track 4 on Disc One of The Beatles Anthology 2 is?

* “From Morning, ’til the End of the Day“… y luego es El Día de Todos los Fieles Difuntos… including those that departed as Dedicated follower[s] of Fashion… Sí on No, Konfupanda?

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