It’s Weekend Edition: tenga su cuerno

Good Morning.
Today is Friday, September 9th —2016.

The staff of this blog remains on vacation,
but Father Guido Sarducci is taking confessions at
La Corte di Cassazione.

En el sermón de fin de semana, el santo patrón de los paparzzi  [Father Guido Sarducci] nos revela el misterio de ‘la mano pachona,’ ‘la mano peluda,’ y por supuesto, la alegoría de “la mano cornuta” del Washington Post…

Stick Around:
“The” MonoAureo update,
and a very Lennonist  “double fantasy”
from El WaPo is Coming Up.

Uso justo de los medios… [context follows].

Uso justo de los medios… [context follows].

[ Screen-grab  —not a SnapShot—   follows  ].

TimeStamp 08h 45m Ventimiglia time.

and when it comes to farm animals,
Malcolm X said it best:

In American Hustle news, corruption in the United States is now in par with banana republics around the globe, this according to Reuters and a unanimous decision at the United States Supreme Court, which threw out the bribery charges against former Virginia Governor ‘Bob’ McDonnell. Oh-say_can you sing: Ee-i-ee-i-o.

Source: last night on TRMS*… where else.
Coming Up on the prison porn channel:
…a new segment / a new chapter
From the producers of The Fonz, Ron Howard brings you
Happy Days at the minimum security cell blocks

It’s Saturday in Ventimiglia now,
but over at Rachel Central, Friday remains in effect.
She [Morning Maddow] is finally covering the PipeLine across Dakota story.
She said it best at the start of today’s show:
Mel Brooks footage follows.

We now cross the imaginary timeline and start a new post, but not without logging another 24 hour TimeLapse moment… this time, with the mighty-mighty Larry King, now on ‘the’ Russian tv.

Uso justo de los rusos… y de Larry King. [Context follows].

Uso justo de los rusos… y de Larry King. [Context follows].

TimeStamp: 0400 hrs CET

For the record: Father Guido Sarducci

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