Good Morning, it’s Wednesday, August 31st —2016

Somewhere in a British cemetery*,  Arthur  Neville Chamberlain  is relieved to pass  the  mantle  of  appeasement  and  stupidity to  the  Mexican president, “el licenciado”: Enrique Peña Nieto.

*Westminister Abbey, in London.

[Context, will most certainly follow].

Right now
It’s time for A lot bit later newswith Le Buzz de Burgdorf
♫ Tristeza no tiene fin
Dilma, si.

Later with Mika B. [forgive me for not spelling your dad’s last name]…
1. Reflection and a bull-fight. [Check]
2. Will Mika [or Joe] call out Enrique Peña Nieto ‘thesis affair’? [ the hosts stayed clear from that issue… TimeStamp: 12h 11m CET ].
3. The only reflection Peña Nieto is concerned with is with his hair[ Go Willie!!!]

On our sister station in Istanbul,  agent correspondent Richie Angle, reports.
The turks pull a Gral. Patton attack across the Syrian border and then have a  ‘paradise burger’ in Paradise.

TimeStamp at Rockefeller Center 0710 hrs.

“if you come to ‘”America”‘ you have to come here legally”
Ari Fleisher. The man who can’t remember the illegal war he helped to sell, —said that.
Talk about mini trumps.

“Immigration is one of the toughest problems to solve”
…again, on MSNBC, Ari Fleisher.
Dear Ari:
It’s WARS motherfucker, WARS are the toughest problems to solve.
Sincerely: the staff of this blog.

 Next with Joe: Gravitas and a fraternity club… The time that Donald went to Mexico on a dare, and Bannon [the strategy guy] took him to Chapultepec. Bannon suggested that Donald suggest to Enrique, [the president of Mexico] that his law degree would be fully recognized, as transfer credits, at Trump University, —and with honors.

Uso justo de "Jabaz, en Milenio," y del MonoAureo.

Uso justo de “Jabaz, en Milenio,” y del MonoAureo.

The More you Knew [a Public Service Announcement] with don José Díaz-B.

Fair use of media… translation available via La Universidad del Tec en Aguascalientes.

Fair use of media… translation available via La Universidad del Tec en Aguascalientes… You just can’t make this stuff up! You Guys!!!

Coming Up: The 1400 hrs. [Time for the Rockefeller Center mini re-run segment of themselves].

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