It’s ‘officiel’: No “Stairway to Heaven” appeal: THR

Viernes 24 de junio, 2016
por: staff

“So let me take you,
take you to the movies…”

The Mighty Led Zeppelin.

Untitled: Sensational spelling.

Because you deserve the country that You vote For:  Britain    BRITANNIA has now left the building…  “Said  there  ain’t  no  use  in  crying. ‘Cause it will only, only drive you mad. DOES IT HURT TO HEAR [donald] LYING? Was this the only world you had? Oh-oh.

Aftershocks: USO JUSTO DE LOS MEDIOS: Aftershocks…


D’Yer_maker—Boris—Fck’Up. | Uso justo de los medios.


Satan sources follow… “You know…” time to  “Ramble on.”

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