When every vote counts: Pan y Circo en Inglés

Jueves 23 de junio, 2016.
por: staff


A vote to stay and to party, depending of course, on how the mail-in votes factor in the end —on this very live stage. God Bless Mr. Bean. God Bless Mr. Python’s Flying Circus. God Bless Benny Hill. | Uso justo de todos los medios.

[Come Friday morning context will follow] Update: Led Zeppelin wins rights to Stairway to heaven. [TimeStamp: Friday morning, 0800hrs. CET].


“Masiosare” en Inglés… it’s a Mexican thing—you wouldn’t understand. | Fair use of Marianne, the Royal Observatory in London, and the dials of a clock set to Greenwich Mean Time. || TimeStamp: 15h 15m [GMT].


One thought on “When every vote counts: Pan y Circo en Inglés

  1. Thank you dear Lord Jesus! — KARMA Police… NAMASte – Armando Segovia

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