La tesis de un fracaso | Special Early Weekend Edition

Jueves 30 de junio, 2016
Villetaneuse 93430, Ile-de-France.

Heard on a political pundit’s show*:

Mexico is now the 20th largest economy in on the face of the Earth, that buys us [the U.S. of A.] a stable southern neighbor that we don’t have to worry about. The CORRUPTION IS DOWN
It’s become a TRUE DEMOCRACY [etc,. etc,. etc…].

Howard Dean, DDS.
Former Governor of the State of Vermont and SUPER DELEGATE
for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign.

How soon is now? | Uso justo de todos los Smiths, y los medios por el Internet. || Five points for the Freedom of INFORMATION Act… [Credits follow].

How  soon  is  now ?  |  Uso justo de todos  los  Smiths**  y de los medios por el Internet. || Five points for the Freedom of INFORMATION Act on Maine’s Governor Paul LePage… [Credits and Context follow]… Stay tuned, coming up en La Política Revuelta: will Howard Dean become the next Joe Biden? YEEEEEEEHAAAaaaa!!!

[TimeStamp] 12-noon CET… [C]owboys from h[E]ll [T]ime.

Non-classical sources follow:

* O’Donnell, L., “Donald Turmp’s incoherence on trade”. Via: The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell. Context borrowed from: http ://www .msnbc .com /the-last-word /watch /the-world-has-no-confidence-in-trump-715715651882

[MixMedia-follows]… timestamp: Friday, July 1st, 11  o’clock CET.

 ** Michaels, S., [sixteen years, and counting]Morriessey supports [a guy named] Johnny in Cameron row… Singer praises former bandmate for ‘forbidding‘ David Cameron to like the Smiths, citing the prime minister’s stance on hunting. Jeopardy! trivia borrowed fromhttps ://www .theguardian .com /music /2010 /dec /06 /morrissey-johnny-marr-david-cameron

Comment from the ‘staff’:
This blog is more of a draft, half-written in real time. As of yesterday, 
[we] at, were not sure as to who exactly,  David Cameron’s “man” is. But given the archives on the ‘serious ‘ side of the Interwebs, however, it certainly isn’t Johnny… it appears.

And so,  given Mr. Cameron’s “rhetorical” paraphrasing of ‘Cemetry Gates‘ in Parliament, Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo   [a staff member] immediatly jumped the gun and assumed [by elimination process] that Mr. Cameron’s ‘man’ was either, DIMEBAG Darrell, or a guy with the last name, Anselmo… sorry ’bout that, Mr. Philip H.  

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