Lee Treviño (Dr., in El Paso Texas)

Weekend Edition.
Trivia section.
por: staff

Did Grizzly Adams have a Beard?

Yes, Donald. Grizzly Adams did have a beard.
And Will.i.am Randolph Hearst wanted to steal his legacy.

Fuck you Donald

This message is brought to you by the Color Brown. | Uso justo de los medios.

Hey Donald… to answer your Question: Ancestrally I am a Mexican. DEMOGRAPHICALLY I am from  CALIFORNIA, and unlike the Grizzly, we are not fucking going EXTINCT you RACIST FUCKER.

And Sean Penn: FUCK YOU TOO!!!

Leisure section.
by: the Buzz-feed de France staff.
Word for el fin de semana:

¿Q-vo... con Leo Dan?

¿Q-vo… con Leo Dan? | Uso justo de un diccionario por los Interwebs.

Musical guest: ? and the mysterians. Thanks for the wake-up song.

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