“Con 🎶 el Tiempo 🎵 y un Cachito”

Ladies in Gemini…
The Third Impeachment is in
Let Mitch Mcconnell’s FARCE

Le Direct

… [S]ay D.A.R.E. Senator Claire McKass, the following must be read in an Armando Segovia voice:

It's no coincidence

It’s no coincidence .:. 6D7FBB04-C0AC-4FB5-A0B5-716A3A27CE1E 🔢 Todos los coeficientes están allí, doña Tati; A.L.L. of ’em! It’s the purrrfect Bitches Brew! … Wait, what? Wrong album; it’s the puuuurrrrfect Witches Brew!

So, for the record, the Beef will be served during opening hours. Got it, —that is to say, TUNE In, between 2 and Three a.m. in Morning Maddow time, well Sista’, in The Voice of the Reverend Al Sharpton:


But seriously, Rev. Al,, “bootleg preachers”, eh‽ Who kneads them? Probably a masseuse at one of those Corporate spa’s where Ted Danson spends most of his T.H.E.Y., and Eye is very sorry, Sen. Claire McCass, for respectfully disagreeing with you on one of your talking points; that is to say, it’s not too ridiculous for Prime Rib Thyme to start after Midnight, it’s not like the rejected (after Christmas) puppy bowl Spokesperson “Sarah MacLachlan” didn’t warn you about it during the Clinton blow-job of an Impeachement:

D.A.Y. Come out at Knight,
D.A.T’s, when the Energy Comes

As a matter of fact, Reverend, Eye was just mentioning “a couple of hours ago,” just as Cousin Joe was blabbering Meachum’s footnotes, that the poetic part about Moscow Mitch’s scheduling for the evidence part of the T.R.I.A.L. is in fact part of a larger Mystery that has to do with January the 20th, —as a particular {Seth} in the calendar_


… [B]ut, before öüï go any further… g’Ahead, BFM TV, use this Angle if you D.A.R.E., and as a matter of fact, you too  at La Sorbonne, or the IHAEL, even the SciencesPo quad, it’s lunch time so do dig in, just as we [the staff] do at 19h00 in Fip Central Time. For the Record at 22h35 in Central Europe Time:

Party Hot-line

Party Hot-line .:. 57471F10-C7CA-4A53-80DA-15C1F39CBE99 🥫Dear, Purple Pundit, stay away from the “Energy Drinks”, stick to Black Coffee, your “jeepers” are brighter with black coffee, energy drinks make your upper eye lids look down.

DONALD John Trump is not a King

So, getting back to the Mystery Machine and the coincidence of breaking the 2nd Commandment (no jurarás) specifically on January the 20th, every four years, provided that The Senate does not allow Donald John Trump another term in office, because it the “53” allow Trump another go-at the Executive, then it will surely be the last TIME that a U.S. President will break the “swear in” ceremony, after the Tuesday that follows the FOist Monday of the 11th month; that’s November, for those living in an Animal Farm or in a land covered by Oceanía’s ruhles.

If you must...

If you must, get some “Wings” .:. EB948E08-3BED-4E12-9BBA-54F721D84A3D —_•!•_— The more you Knew.

… Page 2 follows.

And starring as a GAME of Pool — 1st and 10

Welcome, to another edition of the Twilight Zone, starring a young Dr. Quincy and “El niñoLuc as the “Eight ball“.

Season III, Ep. V
https :// wikipedia .org/wiki/A_Game_of_Pool

Half-Thyme Show:
HISTORIQUE pas hystérique
Featuring the voice of Susana Puveda
in the body of

Eye can't stand yo'Funk

Eye can’t stand yo’Funk .:. E145874A-A066-4C9B-813B-320DB733A046 📎 Bicorne optional… Papa was a VET of WAR!!!

C.C. Ryder, a.k.a. “Kay-sí Kasa•Dora”, but everyone on the MorJo Show knew her as Ms. Hunt•er is standing–by in the underground at Capitol Hill trying to find out if “D.E.M.” United States of America is slowly marinating into that insipid flavorless choice of menu known as IMPERIALism, thanks to the will of a very small minority on the Electoral Map of the country formally known as a “Beacon of Hope” that is slowly roasting into a “Bacon of cut into Lardons”

The following is a Camp Announcement, and it must be read in a Cpl. Radar O’Reilly voice coming out of a Siren speaker.

Attention C.A.M.P.:

Time NOW

Time NOW 18h00 CET .:. A077E9E2-91CD-4183-AC27-9AB356C3DC90 -_•!•_- “Somewhere there’s Music”.

Nevermind tonight’s Lunar Eclipse, it’s a Fake Full moon, known as a “penumbral INTERFERENCE”, the referee has called a F.L.A.G. on “Warren” Moon’s pass after Dr. OLIVER H. “Spearchucker” Jones moved through the faint, outer part of Earth’s shadow. The official has called First Down for the Basmanti RICE Universe “Chandra Grahans”


https ://indianexpress .com /article/technology/science/lunar-eclipse-2020-january-10-live-updates-6209741

https ://en .wikipedia .org/wiki/Warren_Moon

https ://mash .fandom .com /wiki/Oliver_Harmon_ %22Spearchucker%22_Jones

Don’t you T.H.E.R.E. “pin needle” the messenger