And starring as a GAME of Pool — 1st and 10

Welcome, to another edition of the Twilight Zone, starring a young Dr. Quincy and “El niñoLuc as the “Eight ball“.

Season III, Ep. V
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Half-Thyme Show:
HISTORIQUE pas hystérique
Featuring the voice of Susana Puveda
in the body of

Eye can't stand yo'Funk

Eye can’t stand yo’Funk .:. E145874A-A066-4C9B-813B-320DB733A046 📎 Bicorne optional… Papa was a VET of WAR!!!

C.C. Ryder, a.k.a. “Kay-sí Kasa•Dora”, but everyone on the MorJo Show knew her as Ms. Hunt•er is standing–by in the underground at Capitol Hill trying to find out if “D.E.M.” United States of America is slowly marinating into that insipid flavorless choice of menu known as IMPERIALism, thanks to the will of a very small minority on the Electoral Map of the country formally known as a “Beacon of Hope” that is slowly roasting into a “Bacon of cut into Lardons”

The following is a Camp Announcement, and it must be read in a Cpl. Radar O’Reilly voice coming out of a Siren speaker.

Attention C.A.M.P.:

Time NOW

Time NOW 18h00 CET .:. A077E9E2-91CD-4183-AC27-9AB356C3DC90 -_•!•_- “Somewhere there’s Music”.

Nevermind tonight’s Lunar Eclipse, it’s a Fake Full moon, known as a “penumbral INTERFERENCE”, the referee has called a F.L.A.G. on “Warren” Moon’s pass after Dr. OLIVER H. “Spearchucker” Jones moved through the faint, outer part of Earth’s shadow. The official has called First Down for the Basmanti RICE Universe “Chandra Grahans”


https ://indianexpress .com /article/technology/science/lunar-eclipse-2020-january-10-live-updates-6209741

https ://en .wikipedia .org/wiki/Warren_Moon

https ://mash .fandom .com /wiki/Oliver_Harmon_ %22Spearchucker%22_Jones

Don’t you T.H.E.R.E. “pin needle” the messenger

The Moon never wonders how low you are

If it’s Sunday before San Silvestre… then Australia is the Enemy and the Show must Go On.

Page 435
Un rótulo, relata El Diccionario callejero de Stéphane (Éditiones Mengès; 1977–81,84,86,2000–05), da el nombre a esta calle…

From the clan that brought you

From the producers that brought you Mr. Wednesday’s “bag–o’shit” on a commercial airline First Class section, and the creators of “the Bobs” at The Office, comes a cataclysm of paleontological proportions, starring Logan Jackman, Jonathan Swan–Woodruff, y El Chapulín Colorado en el rol de “Langosta Chamuscada” .:. 02B3F4D1-1176-46AB-AB13-5EBC39F943F1 •|• Sinopsis: Bob Slydell and Bob Porter, the MGMT consultants to Mike Judge’s “Office Space” are flying First-Class to Sydney, Australia. During a layover at LAX, “the Bobs” meet the Reverend William Franklin Graham III, president of “The Samaritanos Purse” and heir of legendary C.I.A. Chaplin and precursor to the “bible-thumping” televangelists of them U.S. of A. :
William “Billy” Franklin Graham Jr.

Meanwhile, in 335 C.E.,  “Team Jesus” beats « Team Zeus » in the battle of the Coliseum and The Church (Under the Milky Way, tonight).

also on page 435

"To love somebody"

“To love somebody”… [A]nd in Sydney, The Better Business Bureau takes it upon themselves, and probably a “City Manager”, to love their “TRAVELERS Checks” paying customers, such as former Initech  “cap•turista de datos” MILTON WADDAMS, and avoid having to, or rather be compelled to honor the Money-Back Guantee Program and have Milton take his Traveller Checks to Banda Aceh in Indonesia, or to The Bahamas.

Name derived from the PAGAN(inni) Celtic « louk*-teih », which signifies “a place for politics…“, wait, No!!! Scratch D.A.T. there Wey! It translates to French from Celt as, « a place of swamps », et au temps des ancêtres du le président Sarkozy, c’est–à-dire au temps des Gaulois, where the Préfecture of Police sits today, [M-Line 4 Cité], Santa Ge•No•Be•Ba la defendió en el Anno Domini 451 cuándo unos “clochardos” del equipo de los “Huns” atacó a los indios de la tribu celta quienes se Auto•Nom•bra•ban “los Parisii” y a partir de esa Victoria (p. 763) los indios de la tribu Parissii comenzarán a distanciarse de lo “pantanoso” que suelen ser los trámites en la hoy llamada “Île de la Cité” and, instead began to refer to Lutéce with the NOM•EN•Clature of Paris, it would take 1,336 years for THEM “Parisians” to remember the name Lutecia when ‘finally’ “Los Capitalinos del PSG” found it in their precious hearts to name a Street by honoring the Pagan roots of Notre-Dame de Paris; and in the Words of Catherine Denueve in the role of La Concha of a young Cecily Strong, çabetter still Franck: ISSY, c’est LA VÉRITÉ.