Previously on, “las nereidas de los valencianos”… en Jour et Nuit

En contexto, that, which was supposed to be a “Youth Center for « the French arts »” on la rue SERPENT 🐍, CASI ESQUINA con el boulevard de San Germain-en-Près, turned out to se métamorphose into a motherfucking NBA 🏀 Store.


Here’s an update from the tragic news of that 2001 cold-ass March morning, in Argenteuil:

Caveat emptor, it is PAY-wall, this “Local” racket, so if you are one of them Canadian spawns of Juanito Guanavacoa in France, please be advised that the link below  is only a draft 🌬️ a reference, pues, pinche BELMONT.

The Cisco Kid was a Friend of Bart 🤠 and Count Basie 🎹, indeed.

French teens on trial over killing of former schoolmate

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