Sally… that woman had no business driving on an occupied Autobahn

It’s a demented tragedy.
“All the news that fit to PRINT”… Eye don’t give a Damn about The New York Times, Eye saved Andy GWAR🕳️.

Russian personnel carrier BMP runs over little old lady on the road. Now who’s the fucking little Nazi, Vlad? CHECK ♟️🕰️ here you go Margarita🍸 Take One.

But, seriously, any Body knows how many Theys to Mardi Gras? The new ‘supremes’ got a new prospect, dad is a surgeon; mom? WHO gives a DAMN.

Senate Minority Leader, Moscow Mitch McConnell already released the FOXES NEWS Channels to dig deep into the dark origins of would-be SCOTUS Justice FO’life, or FO’as long as there is such thing as a PARIS, KENTUCKY… CHECK, please ♟️🕰️🍸

Sycophants near South Carolina’s Republican headquarters already released A Hawaiian birth certificate showing that “Ketanji Onyika Brown”, if that’s in fact that is her real name, is THE LONG LOST ILLEGITIMATE DAUGHTER OF A, Dr. Oliver Harmon “Spearchucker” Jones and a NURSE with a weekend Pass to Malibu.

Our source for this scoop is off–CORSE, Ketanji Brown Jackson’s brother-in-law (William) is married to Paul Ryan’s sister-in-law (Dana).

QUÉ BONITA FAMILIA, check please! 🧾🍸🕰️

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