Lyle: I meant a song. A real song. something like:

Tomorrow is another Groundhog They… Across The Seine, Valérie Pécresse exited politics and joined the ranks of The Crazy Horse broads. Valeria (her stage alias) Audition with The Poles while David Guetta [that pointy-narco boots fashionista motherfucker]  mashed “Looks That Kill” with the Mago de Oz classic, “Mujer Amante” en Belfast on a Sunday Bloody Sunday at a Tijuana Taxi back alley DENTIST CLINIC.

But First, earlier today, in Central Europe Time, right around Prime Time on Broadway, The Electric Light Orchestra beamed Avi Velshi from our look-out post at Saint-Eustache de MANDELA, the message:


morning dump {knot} “morning joe”.

Paloma Negra del cu-cu ruco en Garibaldi o MISMO en le Quartier Général de Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

Previously on… Las Palomas de París.

And, Madame Kerschova, en Paris, tout—Eye_SAY—TOUT!!! Les Columbas Rupestris shit on Galatea and Pygmalion doesn’t care.

After the break, Master Will, stars as the producer at le Promenade de Dowton♠ Abby en Nice-sous-Alps, and Galatea del Río takes on the role of Lili Von Shtüpp and in THAT position, Galatea finally gets to deliver the Wilder line, cut from the Original “Promenade des Anglais”:

I’m RICK JAMES, Bitch!

And she says in her German accent, ‘Is it true what they say about you people?’ And Cleavon says, ‘I hate to disillusion you, ma’am, but you’re sucking on my arm.’

Note to The Producer’s, in this RENDITION of Blazing Saddles, Lili Von Shtüpp, [alias] Galatea, has been given the Charisma of speech, but that cunt is blind as a shithouse bat on SCARBOROUGH COUNTRY. 

https ://groovyhistory .com /blazing-saddles-quotes

Count Basie stars as Geoffrey “the butler”.

♠~. All apologies if Eye mispelled your “Crest ».

https ://seinfeld .fandom .com /wiki /Joe_Bookman

{and} Starring as Beau³regard Maverick, Mehdi Hasan

https ://www .lexpress .fr /actualite /monde /amerique-nord /mexique-l-affaire-du-general-cienfuegos-ou-l-impossible-lutte-contre-les-narcos _2141679 .html

³. Eye is sorry FO’mispelling YO’name, but Eye bet that Ewe didn’t know that if you put a Cucaracha in a microwave, the Card cafard will turn into a Phoenix, Eh!

Say it Loud, Bill Barr is a plastic narco-runner Credit-Card man, ese… {and} youse knot foolin’ anyone John Lennon, Eye Knew Zappa! Ask T-REX.

https ://www .reddit .com /r /france /comments /th1n3h /présidentielle_2022 _valérie_pécresse_accuse/
Emmanuel Macron de plagier son programme

In other WO’ids, Adrienne ElRod:

las ‘micro ondas’ nos LA pellizcán!!!


This episode has KNOT yet BEAN rated. In the mean Thyme, a MESSAGE to Ewe, Rudy_mentaria (punto y coma). In Mexico, Öüï, pronounces The LAST in Line, es decir: you sound like a Porto Rican handling an ‘ARE²‘… —let GO, de Niza, put an accent on that Eh.

².~ un SON sin clave, —pues.

PONCE, pronounced: ponce

Excercise One: in this section las chicas del coro explain how Ponce sounds if the last letter in that line goes mute.

Cast of characters
Head cheerleader — Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /allegretto /en-passant-par-le-mexique7514620

Give Mí an “L”
Give Mí an “e”

https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt0066026 /mediaviewer /rm3504707840/

Give Mí a “See
Give Mí an “a”
Give Mí an “f”
Silence that “é

https ://www .cnews .fr /france /2022-03-17 /emmanuel-macron-veut-transformer-pole-emploi-en-france-travail -1193974

WHAT-AH Ewe Get?

https ://www .discogs .com /release /8401673-Andr%C3%A9s-Segovia-Enregistrements-Recordings-Aufnahmen-1927-1939/image /SW1hZ2U6MjI3NDIwMTQ=

… {and} the colored girls go:
Doo, doo-du.
Doo, doo-do, doo-do, doot-du-du-doo
{and} eye quotes,
« Le CAF ».

Anyhow, there is MOORE to come, and if you’ve seen a View To A Kill, then you might be {Abel} to see the EY in that EL.

²— ¡ NO DURAraN !
¡ NO DURAraN !

ra‘ no dice nada.
²a ‘ra‘ le mocharon LA Lengua