Minuto 23 Islandia empata…

Quince después del arranque La Argentina anota.

En otras noticias Under the Skirts of fip was about to be outlawed by the darn Brits, but thank God that there are still some good ol’ perverts in Parlement, or the Chamber, or something like that.

… context will surely follow.

TimeStamp: minuto ∴ 33 ∴ CAKE — War Pigs

Did Ewe know that it was actually the French who invented the Instant Replay Review System
for Football competitions.
French Scientist Antoine Griezmann is credited for that Goal that thank goodness for Diego Armando Maradona that technology arrived 32 years after he was carried out of El AZTECA como si él fuese Silverio Pérez.

TimeStamp: Minuto 48′ with Frank Sinatra over La Seine y el fin de la primera parte del choque entre La Argentina e Islandia…

LE MATCH entre La France et L’Italie:

Francia 20 — Italia 4

Arranca la segunda mitad, TimeStamp: 14 minutos para las 4:20

TimeStamp: 16h20… Que Será, Será whaterver Evita—will be will be…. y NO FUE PENAL!!! oh—the HUMANITY!!!! Fuck’en C7 is rejoicing right now, probably… and Bjork is probably doing a happy dance, eh!

Minuto 69: Argentina va con todo, Islandia es un Iceberg,  tendrá la albiceleste el calor suficiente para derretirlos?

Minuto 86… five minutes for massive suicides en El Río de La Plata si el milagro de “La Mano de Dios” no llega.


Meanwhile at Le Beaubourg, Rue Saint Martin casi esquina con… $tarbuck$ it’s “Knock Knocking on Heavens Door.” TimeStamp:17h15 at the 75004.

La Maison des Sounds… or something like that presents: a band with no name.

TimeStamp: 17h25 in CET

Oye, Che…. sing Nah, nah, nah, nah and “be a little Kid”—“feel better”

Nah, nah, nah, nah NAH –nah, nah, nah… TimeStamp: 17h47 à La Cloître Saint-Merri.

Ceremonial Award — Perfect Day with Sarah Chayes

TimeStamp: 17 hours and Thirty-five minutes in CET.

Previously on asegovia3:

… tell the truth, did you leave journalism, or did journalism leave you, Ma’am?

La suerte de esta etapa, se llama “La Estafa Maestra”, entre las maniobras que las ezcaramusas realizan, esta suerte es de las más complicadas de llevar a cabo porque consiste en embarcar a una de sus compañeras jinete, es decir, a la charra que en plena función de sus responsabilidades « destapa » la olla de “los chicharos y frijoles” y, por si faltara menos, pues —descubre que la olla está vacía.

Note from staff: the good thing about this blog is that neither The Rachel Maddow Show, nor corruption expert from Tegucigalpa to Kabul, Dr. Sarah Chayes read this most inconsequential blog because we THE STAFF, have to make A CORRECTION, because as we started this award ceremony for Teenie Tiny Cat for properly standing his post until properly being relieved, we [the staff] wrote…  we [the staff] stated, that IN México NOTHING Happens.

Las momias de la Auditoría Superior de La Federación

Santo®el enmascarado de Plata“.

… Context follows. Right now, Minnie Miny Cat is spinning with Roberto Fonseca and Trombone Shorty, et. al.  in a very special engagement of CUBANO CHANT dedicated to Teenie Tiny Cat.

y Chihuahua, pinche Brozo, pues resulta que en México si pasan cosas [ahora « entendemos, cabronsísimo » porqué tú y la Veronika agarraron vacaciones a ExtremaDura, para cantar su pinche “cielito lindo”], en México si pasan un chingo de “conflictos de intereses”… cualquier coincidencia con los conflictos de interes con Brontis à La Préfectre en Cité, pues, doña Vilmalas Fuentes— revelan que es pura chingada Serendipia, eh!

TimeStamp: Las Ocho de la Noche en Saint–Germain–des–Prés.

The Siren Regiment is opening up the next segment of this Special edition of Teenie Tiny Cat Award Ceremony for properly standing his post until properly being released… Right now, former Colonel Nathan R. Jessep in the role of Jack Nicholson is shining Teenie Tiny Cat dress shoes before he steps up to the podium to give a short speech.

TimeStamp: 20:33 ∴ at Neptune House on the 75005… and Maybe—just—Maybe, Mika will grace us with her presence “Underwater”. 

…anygüey, Ewe’all might recall that previously, on this most inconsecuential Blog we did happen to mention that it was the French, —in particular a bald King— who went ahead and invented The Vikings, and right now, a 21st Century update of that nordic horde is all over the waves of La Seine, just like her great-great ancestors did a long long time ago.

TimeStamp is 22:40 in Central NATO Time and the Western World is about to enter a Trade Tantrum Because of Trump… if this doesn’t tell All Red Blooded Americans that They are Fucking loosing the “God Damned” cold war, then Columbia deserves a Reader’s Digest  thrown at her fucking exceptional manifest destiny crown, and definitely an American Psycho ending, Ya’fucking hillbillies!

AnyGüey Kasie Hunt:

… Sounds of White Noise is heard over the airwaves at the parade field; meanwhile, Chief Warrant Officer Williams managed to “Systematically Drink” en route to his new post,

The Fly-by… Dear, Brian Williams: right now, it’s the 11th–Hour, and over both Banks of La Seine, a “satienesque” scat is the soundtrack os the ISS Fly-By.

… but “Speak of the Devil”: My Fellow, Americans, do You Fucking Ewe’s realize that right now, NASA’s needs for the International Space Station depend entirely on Putin’s Russia? What good is your Second Ammendment against a Former Bear that has Donald Trump as his fucking Bitch, eh?

Ahhh, Fuck it Jerry Only, Michael Graves and the rest of the Fiends, here’s a used misfit:


The color of Cross–Media Tangents — Segunda entrada

Sabbatical Day Nº 8
Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Because, Baby, as the whole Wide World Knows: it was the French who invented the In-and-Out; and_You–know—that! Y_es–por–eso—que, “that’s what a hamburger, —is all about.”  Nevermind, about that double whopper

and please,
Don’t forget —The Onion.

[Voz de hombre:
Jeff Goldblum, or whoever dubs his voice in the Spanish versions of his movies].

We know return to:

Hamburgers in paradise

[Woman’s voice: Sarah Silverman]   — El staff de asegovia3 les estaba comentando en la entrada de ayer de que, “lo bueno de este blog” es de que don Guillermo del Toro no lo visita… o algo así. }-~–~\•>  Californian Burger joint menu (invented by the French, of course) is brought to you by John 3:16; source: the bottom of the disposableHoly Grails” at chez In–N–Out, the best cheeseburgers West of The Rockies, and apparently now even in some parts of Texas.

[Man’s Voice

… because if “Memo” would drop by, then it’s safe to say that the next time that the Award Winning réalisateur visits Paris, in the Winter time, it would be a given that he would be standing in line à la côte deAu Pied du Cochon“; 75001, if only to confirm the exceptional taste of the daily food servings at chez La Soupe Saint–Estauche. Check it out, the staff already mentioned it before on another post, but here it goes one more: the benevolent at Saint–Estauche offer a three piece meal, with dessert included, which BTW features some of the best tasting [and generous] portions of food for anyone who shows up for supper, the street feast starts at around 19h30ish CET on the West End Façade Columns of the church that meet with la Rue du Jour. Their logistics permit for a nightly accomodation of around 250/300 meals, and in addition, the good folks volunteering there are nice enough to send every Eater off into the night with a bag of goodies for when, you know, the munchies strike; no questions asked. In France, ladies and gentlemen this is one of the Original, “come as you are” joints.

Next on France 24 “Southern California Edition”, live from Calabazas, California, it’s another episode of: Did You Know That It Was The French… in this segment, The French invent the In–N–Out. Guest Starring: Guillermo del Toro. }–~—~\•> Fair use of all travel critique guides.

Last night’s menu included: SOPA DE CALABAZA DE INVIERNO (butternut squash) con trocitos de Tofú; ESTOFADO DE FÍLETE DE PESCADO con laurel y otras especias; ENSALADA; panecillos y pastelitos; café, and I SHIT–YOU–NOT Willy Boy, una rebanadita de queso que al principio pensé que era Reblochon, pero no, el pedacito resulto ser de otra variedad; y ya ve áste marchantito que aquí, De–Variedad, hay de sobra… anygüey, la rebanada era algo asi como un queso tipo Asadero, del que se vende en barras allá en los supermercados del Sur de California, no como los queso Asadero de Villa Ahumada, allá en la ruta de asfalto que conecta a Ciudad Juárez con la ciudad de Chihuahuita… y en dónde por orden del sindicato de queseros y asociados, los queso asadero solamente se pueden montar —única y exclusivamente— en tortilla de harina, y por eso, don Memo, pues, por eso a lo mejor esos queso Asadero son otra cosa. Sin embargo, la rajita del queso de anoche, pues, esa don Memo, esa iría mejor con tortilla de maíz; que anoche, como a muchos mexicanos viera áste como se me antojarón… anygüey, don Memo; no me haga usted caso porque como todo /r/Mexico ya lo sabe, LAS QUESADILLAS SÍ LLEVAN QUESO. Aunque eso, pues, eso es algo que los chilangos nunca comprenderán: que las quesadillas, mi cuate, pues sí llevan queso… en las salchichas, don Memo, el queso es opcional.

… but speaking of gold related blooms, you know, like the Winter Butternut Squash, did you know that it was the French who invented Calabazas and the In–N–Out? –•—!—•– Fair use of some Aussi guy, and Jeff Goldblum’s gut-truck.

Now [the staff] are not saying that he, —don del Toro— does*, but according to an alleged Twit sent out from his account after a celebrated awards show, Sr. del Toro had to munch–out his cravings for the staff’s California version of Les Madeleines de Madame Bovary… or something like that at a Celebrated burger joint; now, the staff ain’t saying that he does*, but Mr. del Toro’s alledged twit sure–as–fuck  reververates like an Echo Chamber, from a previous post, from this non–consequential blog through “them” drive-thrus, —literally.

*  … the staff ain’t saying that he visits this most non–consequential blog.

… I’m doing a project that I have to be secretive about but there is some thematic tie-in to this.

“Chef” Goldblum,
via: EATER dot COM https://www.eater.com/2017/4/26/15433864/jeff-goldblum-food-truck

1. Morabito, G., “Oh Hey, Why Is Jeff Goldblum Working at an Australian Sausage Truck?”, c. April 2017: https://www.eater.com/2017/4/26/15433864/jeff-goldblum-food-truck

2. FernandoMol; vía La página de arranque del Internet: https://www.reddit.com/r/mexico/comments/7oyegd/as%C3%AD_celebra_guillermo_su_globo_de_oro_provechito/

3. Florentin, B., “Comme Chez In–N–Out”, via, some << trip company >>, or something like that: https://www.tripadvisor.fr/ShowUserReviews-g187147-d7257518-r314983942-Burger_and_Fries-Paris_Ile_de_France.html

4. Snopes dot Com; In–N–Out “Holy Grail” reference: https://www.snopes.com/business/alliance/inandout.asp

[Woman’s voice
Sarah Silverman].

When asegovia3 returns:

[Man’s voice: Jeff Goldblum] — Just what in the world is a Cross–Media Tangent, anyway?… take out your Baldor Bible, and turn to the gospel of Differential Calculus… fair use of all wikis.

TimeStamp: High–noon in Central Europe Time.