Minuto 23 Islandia empata…

Quince después del arranque La Argentina anota.

En otras noticias Under the Skirts of fip was about to be outlawed by the darn Brits, but thank God that there are still some good ol’ perverts in Parlement, or the Chamber, or something like that.

… context will surely follow.

TimeStamp: minuto ∴ 33 ∴ CAKE — War Pigs

Did Ewe know that it was actually the French who invented the Instant Replay Review System
for Football competitions.
French Scientist Antoine Griezmann is credited for that Goal that thank goodness for Diego Armando Maradona that technology arrived 32 years after he was carried out of El AZTECA como si él fuese Silverio Pérez.

TimeStamp: Minuto 48′ with Frank Sinatra over La Seine y el fin de la primera parte del choque entre La Argentina e Islandia…

LE MATCH entre La France et L’Italie:

Francia 20 — Italia 4

Arranca la segunda mitad, TimeStamp: 14 minutos para las 4:20

TimeStamp: 16h20… Que Será, Será whaterver Evita—will be will be…. y NO FUE PENAL!!! oh—the HUMANITY!!!! Fuck’en C7 is rejoicing right now, probably… and Bjork is probably doing a happy dance, eh!

Minuto 69: Argentina va con todo, Islandia es un Iceberg,  tendrá la albiceleste el calor suficiente para derretirlos?

Minuto 86… five minutes for massive suicides en El Río de La Plata si el milagro de “La Mano de Dios” no llega.


Meanwhile at Le Beaubourg, Rue Saint Martin casi esquina con… $tarbuck$ it’s “Knock Knocking on Heavens Door.” TimeStamp:17h15 at the 75004.

La Maison des Sounds… or something like that presents: a band with no name.

TimeStamp: 17h25 in CET

Oye, Che…. sing Nah, nah, nah, nah and “be a little Kid”—“feel better”

Nah, nah, nah, nah NAH –nah, nah, nah… TimeStamp: 17h47 à La Cloître Saint-Merri.

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