And, Alanis… you know what is a very Strange Coincidence? That’s right Canuck… Pesquet’t left a mess up in space

Breaking the news, “How Convenient, eh!”, it’s been less than a week since Commander Pesquet was evicted from the International Space Station and word from the crew left behind is that Pesquet {notorious for his FIP . fr parrandas up there} left a cloud of debris around the floating station empty darkness…

Need banana for size. Fair use of gizmodo’s take-out, it’s media and off-course: All That Motherfuckn’ Jazz.

https ://gizmodo .com /astronauts-forced-to-take-shelter-as-debris-cloud-threa- 1848057874

As a result, Alanis, [if that is your real name] the po’astronauts who bravely go where billionaires (those motherfuckers) only dare, are having no recourse but to seek shelter in the most inhospitable of places.


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