The genius of Israeli propaganda – take Friday off

With musical Guest, The Unknown Soldier and the 11:11:11 Critters.

Heck take the entire weekend off, Bibi. I know a guy with a chalet at Isola 2000, this ski season it’s all artificial snow and even the goats* 🐐 are friendly.

Tour de France sans ISRAEL, is real.

*~. A.I. generated Rupicapra 🐐 Rupifranca or Alpine chamois, a sort-of goat-antelope native to the melted Alps.

In local news, Krispy Kreme™️ is opening shop at La Canopée à Chato Let, sources close to Governor Chris Christy relay that he is going to take the weekend off and camp out, like a Derelicte republican, waiting for opening doughnut day.

Tour de France Vacations in collaboration with The Paris TOURISM BOARD.

New Jersey law permits a 9-month doughnut consumption. Local French doughnut shops, a recent craze around Châtelet are holding an Anti 9-month consumption of doughnuts in collaboration with CARITAS and The Fréjus Front National at Montparnasse.

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