And, Sen. Claire McCaskill — New hairdoo?

I wonder if the vanity matches the trim?

Match that with a mechanical eye.


Paywall made in Paris

https ://www .liberation .fr /politique /a-paris-les-trumpistes-a-table-avec-lextreme-droite-20231107

In local news, it’s the Speaker of The House spends a weekend in Paris. It’ll only cost 1100 Euros (or 1174 U.S. Dollars depending on your bookie) to listen to Southern Hospitality and charm. It’s the bible belt meets Fréjus at Montparnasse. The gala is part of Kristy Noem’s Worldwide Rodeo Initiative and the cheap-French copy of Robert Kennedy Jr., will be playing the role of the Rodeo Clown.

A Center for MAGA, VOSTF

Chapter one: Blatte Germanique

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