And, Huey Lewis… where’s the News, maddafakka?

It is always The United States IN America’s fault… and, Huey, this ain’t it.

Gotta’ Get Back in Thyme… It’s Sacrosanct Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii, whereas in Paris, France, at least on this most non-consequential blog, The Beatles have grabbed A.I. by her Boobies, Bobby. Bootis little sister, Puppis, reports from way Across The Universe for y’all.


Don’t need no credit card to ride this game

Congratulations to Raytheon and its baseball ⚾ team, the so-called Texas Rangers for winning every motherfucking post-season meeting while Doing It On The Road 🛣️…

Deer, Bobby 🏀 Knight, nice MAGA flag buried up your chair-throwing tantrum ASSHOLE you pull that shit on my Trajinera and you are going to be put on Latrine duty, you son-of-a-bitch!

Yup… That’s the Milky Güey’s source.

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