And, Cousin Joe — This blog kills planned obsolescence 🥁

Shalom. Or something like that.

Well, I’ll be damned. We do live in Luxury at the Bagagerie, Marie-Ange.


Anyhow, Évry body (M. Valls), please do remember that the expressed, exprimida, exprimé is nothing but a Draft 🌬️, the whole draft 🌊, and nuttin’ but a draft 📝, and all characters are mere interpretations of the news of the they, which noose at Staff does not select {nor} is responsible for it’s its fictitious content. Uso justo de todos los medios.

La Cucaracha 🪳… No Habrá Cadabra Feliz.

After Sacrosanct Wednesday, it’s The BEATLES TAKEOVER Thursday, o como dicen los franceses:

Phuck y’er Barça “Stones”, all it takes, Mic 🎙️, it’s just one last TAKE 💋.

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