Short on Verbal Skills? Join a Very, Very, Very French FÚTBOL fan club

Drink to Bing, drink for Bing’s health 🍸.

Happiness is a Fall-back weekend.

Ewe talkin’ to Mí?
Cus’ Eye don’t see any body other than this fucking FAKIR, maddafakka!

In Local News, Eye swear that François Ruffin is the long lost Illegitimate Basterd’ garçon de Bobby De Nero.

In Hilo, Hawaii, there are still 15 minutes before The Happy Mondays, in Manhattan, Mika is already preaching just another Manic Monday, she wishes it was Sunday, because that’s her fun day.

El Guión°cito de Cité en Notre Dame des Victoires (Paris 2).

Happy Halloween 🎃 Did y’all get that ammo ready, you never know where the Wild Wild West is going to take your significant others. Keep on rocking in a Phree World.

And just in case I don’t see you again:

Have a nice afternoon,  ˈēv(ə)niNG, and good night.


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