Cold Cuts — Jalisco Holocaust

Navire en Grève, details at 9 on Hawaiian prime cuts..

De Cocula es el mariachi
De Tecalitlán los sones
De San Pedro su cantar
De Tequila su mezcal
Y los machos de Jalisco
Afamados por entrones
Para eso traen pantalones


And if you were part of The Mariachi Fest of this past weekend in Paris, France, then you probably heard Alicia Leos sing the following:

🎶 Y de Tlaquepaque los hornos°

The reflex… mirror 🪞 mirror 🪞 on the Wall 🧱…

°~. horno is Mexican slang for “asshole* and coward »… as in, no sea “horno”, fume mota.


Well, well, well.


Tan ta-rannn, tan—tan!

… Nav°Ire Ave°Near

The Poles in Equador are talking. And Admiral Stradivarius that ship ⚓ is right up The Jerusalem Post, but please explain to bible-thumping EvanGelikas that Table Twelve is not parable of them free-loading apostrophes, but a Live Fire Combat Exercise for tank warfare.


Cut Cold Front on the CGT, and mister Le Bon y Rey, it’s like your president says “there is no République without la biblioteca »… ❄️ 🚢

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