Ejido kibbutz… the only good ‘Injun is dead. A film by David Carradine

This world needs a Civil War. I am Sirius and you are not… and Donnie Deutsch, can you smell what the Rock is cooking?

Over on the Playboy channel… It’s a Mia Khalifa re-interpretation of “Ain’t that a bitch!”.

I tell you what, Admiral Stradivarius, that Lo’id Austin is no Billy Dee Williams 🍗 and in México, how about that Mexican General, Salvador CIENFuegos, eh 🎖️…

In local news, but of 1307, King Philip “El Guapo“ de Francia and, by virtue of his fémina femme, “El Mozo” de Navarra, was up to his “coronilla” in debt for going to war with The Beatles, and so he smoked his creditors like a pack of Salem (menthols).

You know, it’s no coincidence that all of Kike’s³ friends are now HARVESTING their conversion from the promexico™ years of Mexican President, Enrique “El Guapo” Peña Nieto, take tomorrow’s Gaviota Fest at the Mariachi Central, or something like that with Alicia “Bosques” Leo’s.

³~. To the best of our knowledge, Kike is worshiper of the marian tradition (guadalupanoromano) and not a « heb ».

and for the record… here’s Keith David as, Cory Booker “KING”:

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