Amante a, La Antigua — The Shock Doctrine (re-vestida)

Based on The War On Drugs Report by, Gary Webb in Corona, California, and Manuel Buendía in the Mexican Federal District (1984) … CDMX to they.

Un Doppelganger a La Antigua. Starring, Little “Kline” Naomi.


Yada, yada, yada … and Purple Pundit, I hope that the following does not get lost on the Irony of the They because, today is, 🎶 🎺 Ta-ta 🎺 ra-ra 🎺raaaa:

International Day for Disaster 🇮🇱 Risk 🇮🇱 Reduction

Ladies in Gemini: John Lee Hooker… 🇵🇸 boom 💥 🇵🇸 boom 💥  🇵🇸 boom 💥 🇵🇸 boom.

Mano Negra

The one thing that the French didn’t invent was of course, Hamás. That honor belongs to IsraelAnd, of course, the history of this quagmire started last week, today. And of course the entire world knows that it is KNOT, we repeat, KNOT the fault of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “beast” Netanyahu.

Don’t blame “bibi”… this human drama started just last week. “Bibi” only wants total control of that God-damned land.

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