What if I was Romeo with a suit case?

Some time from now you’ll bow to pressureSome things in life you cannot measure by degreesI’m between the poles and the equatorDon’t send no private investigator to find me please‘Less he speaks ChineseAnd can dance like Astaire overseas(Okay)

No Myth
Chanson de Michael Penn

Las Noticias de México vistas desde Estrasburgo… con esos Primos, no se necesitan Tan°Gentes.

Ils trouvent le corps du Dr Ali Jasel dans une valise à BCS ; le collectif prépare des marches

FEMINICIDIO en proceso.

… https ://www .proceso .com .mx /nacional /estados /2023/9/19 /hallan-el-cuerpo-de-la-doctora-ali-jasel-dentro-de-una-maleta-en-bcs-colectiva-alista-marchas

The Police report stated that:

I’d invite you back to my placeIt’s only mine because it holds my suitcaseIt looks home to me alrightBut it’s a hundred miles from yesterday night

Freddy Cats from Montreuil-sous-Bois has already been comissioned by the Maison des Associations to whip-out an action-sized figure inside of a Suitcase in the middle of a Queen-size bed.

¡Viva México, ratones!

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