Tony Palma at La Bagagerie… please stand-by for María de Los Ángeles Schlitz

Two-ru Tango… Puerto Ricans not allowed, fuckers phuck up the “are”, period!

… In Hilo, Hawaii, it’s SATURDAY NIGHT, and Shopiane, (Sophiane) I know what you mean when you say , “whisky” or “vodka” or, when you infer that the Bagagerie has and/or needs a security guard…

I know for a fact that what it has is one of those mini-universes where a “dictator” first takes all of the “donations” to his palace and then he, (and it is always a man 👞) lets it’s his lowly subjects (formally French colonies) eat the crumbs.

It’s either a notice from the « omertà” …(or a vampire sleeps there).

If you need context, ask our new member Julian, he saw the entire SeqUanCE play in real time… so please don’t tell me that the pile was mostly “bread”.

Well… Ewe’ve ho’ID about the “Soup Nazi”It’s KNOT one of dos (2) 

Your receipt 🧾 is obsolete.

And, Shopian, I (Armando Segovia) want to remind the good people at E.S.I. Agora that I don’t select BFMTV’s 👄 beasts of burden, I am only a message sender. So I hope that Tony Palma does not use that new warning “the institution”, Scotched-taped on the main desk, against me, because dear Sir, I don’t select the cigarettes, I just smoke’Em#. 

Today is your birthday 🎂.

Happy birthday DJ. Love you.

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