… de los ocho qué tenía — Law in order, country in disarray

 Dog Cockle, Ostra 🦪… if youse going to pour some TeKaïLa on them hearth-shaped shells then that chef needs to know that el tequila blanco no sirve más que para hacer Margaritas en Spring Break, « coño ». Get some Reposado, next Thyme; and motherfuckers don’t you forget about La Valentina and off-Course, Mí.


It’s Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii, and in Nice, France, things are not so peachy at police headquarters, the “flick’os » are acting like THE POLICE FORCES in Jalisco, this is to say, WE CAN NOW apostille un COTEJADO para la Unesco.

… [T]he administration decides how the state should operate. It’s a sort of organized catapult within the state, of which I don’t have the ins and outs, but it is something without precedent.
… 🎨
Entonces, pues… señor Tony Palma, please relay to Roger Pérez the following: —ahora píntame a uno de tus presidentes, 🍸.

🍹… It’s Another Tequila Sunrise
But not here, aquí las cosas y las costas se acabán de nublar ☁️☁️☁️

“Was I Not Loud Enough”… do KNOT release the dog.
It’s called Country Music on Pabst Blue Ribbon, —motherfucker… and then CBGB’s was, you know, Trumped.


The Kid Stays in The Picture

Bob Evans in,

The Sun Also Rises… Ms. Greco


… and now the news. At la Maison de France24, en Issy-les-Moulineaux, home of the Cha-cha Sirens, the “Twitter” episode just became a relic.


After the fip, it’s “Sha-LA-la” 🇬🇧 Waterloo 🚽 Sunset 🌄 🚇

But first, a repetition for los Andalusians del Show de Juanito Guanabacoa, look it up, don’t make me link Jo’dum-Ass an “X”… used to be called « El pajarito », check it out:

… [W]ell, you’ve ho’id about, “el niño de la polla”, it’s not one of those, AND YOU CAN ASK Lucía Mendéz at RTVE/El Mundo de 🇪🇸, this one plays the piano with his cock, or so claimed Marylin Monroe 💋 💃🏻. He was also a gun-running NAZI smuggler.

https ://www .elmundo .es /suplementos/cronica/2009

And, Ambassador Asvazadourian, it’s like I once told your colleague in El Ey, “Unlike other Zorro’s (Robin hood), I can speak with a British accent 🍷🩸🐇… Eye also roamed with Cardinal Ximénez, coño owes Mí 5 Duros.

One last good-by: rue Verneuil 75000

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