French Touch? — Yeah, fuck’Em# Tú


Hallelujah… It’s High Noon!


And… Jane Birkin, you didn’t think that I Would leave you alone with that French-lovin’ degenerate, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, now did you? Here’s a real GentleMan to guide you into the next circle ⭕, Muñoz Ledo get’s off in the next quai.

I told you that San Francisco was Next… I left my cheesses there.

… but it’s Okay, Oakland is there remains.

The Good Life…


You know the deal, it’s not like the military-industrial-complex didn’t tell you warn you about it, which is why General Groves got fired from the Reno 911 series and dumped on the consulting racket of shut the fuck up—Jan Palmieri, it’s Morning Joe, not Morning in America, or that other show, Sex In The City.

Joe Scarborough is an independent, —after passing out constitutions in elevators in county courthouses elevators— before that he was just a son of a bitch.

Thickle yer’ass with five petals 🌺? I’ll make U2, rattle 🐍 and Huuuuuummm 🌬️💐🗑️


Drain This, Stein!… and did I mentioned, fuck Labels And Donnie Deutsch. 🇩🇪

Fake Dodger that’s all that that brand peddler is, a Fake 🪖 Dodger! Like Bill Clinton… fuckers went all maple syrup after shaking Kennedy’s hand and knocking that ugly lawyer up 👓, did you see the footage, fucking degenerates — thanks Obama! Now I will never be able to look at another land TOrtoise 🐢 in the same way. Always making love 🌻 in the middle of the Hunt, Helen 🐆.

We now return to  r/place


Sickos that them French Legionnaires are, those cocksuckers went like strangers in Paradise straight for the jugular, the Dragoon Loons, lead by Lieutenant Colonel Marjolina Corsicalina and the Camaron (sin acento) détachées attacked po’little Axolotl. Los Amigos de México en Montparnasse relayed the location of our cutest amphibian.


The difference is in the … Vanity Fair . fr

Breaking News

You Fucking Want Me… On that pussy mound, Marjolina, and I am going to path-find my little güey to you 😘.

But FO’ist!!!

Oh, the Alemany’s

Jackie broke the screen…. what a P word pundit:

Out of battery 🔋, OPPENHEIMER 2023 sucks… Long live San Jose de Las Panochas 1989.

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