Tuesday’s Gone, the Atomic TupperWare Commission³

“Nothing less than catastrophic…,” dice, Jim Henson 🐸, but first here’s another fragment of Mains Libres, ‘a place where Évry body knows your name’.

Dans le jardin des Halles, il y a une vieille dame effrontée et facétieuse, Marie-Louise, je la connais bien. Elle verse son rouge dans une bouteille… ¶ 6, fin de la page 178.

Coke, IT!, is...

In the garden at Les Halles, there’s a cheeky, facetious old lady, Marie-Louise, I know her well. She pours her red wine into a bottle…

¶ 6, end of page 178.


Across the pond, The Reptilians found themselves in a pool of sweat 💦 and that’s just the way that the conservatives want it.

Stop the press-es-es, Ese! Los amigos de Raphaël Morán are pulling a JUANITO GUANAVACOA on their Champs Élysées P.R. review:

https ://www .rfi .fr /fr /ameriques/20230709mexique-un-journaliste-du-grand-quotidien-la-jornada-assassine

On this blog….the Great Raphaël Morán, and his colleagues “tactical” reporting for El Palacio de Hierro, en Matignon, is always a reason to take a nap and dream about AWE, Ewe, and off-course Mí.

Atomic WEAPONS Establishment

With All Due Respect, stop the press-es-es, Güey.

Oppenheimer gets the last laugh on a pussy-ass United State Senate, and in the words of The Talking Heads:

Same as it, Eva was.
Same as it, Eva was..
Same as it, Eva was…

O.N.C.E. in a Lifetime, there is water underground.


Sex with your Parents… and Coach, it says here that you engaged in fornication with your children —in Alabama, where the sky is blue,


³~. Amsterdam smoke-shops are now fair territory for the consumption of MARIHUANA by U.S. military personnel at The Bulldog in Holland, —it’s the law of the land— just like reproductive rights for U.S. military personnel are now the law of the land of Congressman Scarborough’s home, where female personnel stationed in Alabama can go to jail if the birth-vessel even thinks of stopping a pregnancy while being mobile in Montgomery, or experiencing that SEINE NET EXPERIENCE in the Gulf of México.

Oh, the Krispyness… and what a way to play lip-service on the Morjo Show, what’s the matter Joe, are you afraid that GOV. Krispy will close the Turnpike to Nantucket, and seal the doughnut pantry for you, you son of a bitch? Stick around, I have Ambassador Porfirio Thierry Muñoz Ledo Chevannier’s dad here, on his way to El Averno.


https ://www .nbcnews .com /politics /congress /general-brown-prévient-que-l-armee-americaine-perdra-des-talents-a-cause-du-blocus-du-GOP-sur-les promotions-that-tuberville-is-blocking-rcna

Go Ahead, France24… go to Aguascalientes TV (MX) and get your little ketch-up packets, —go ahead, I’ll take care of the news that your talking heads will be talking about tomorrow morning on BFM’ER TV.

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