1000 Theys — My Generation… BluntLy speaking

🎶 Hope I die before grama 🛥️🇨🇺 gets old 🪶

Fuck me — Marina — Fuck Mí Tú Thymes
🌬️ the only ones who count the theys are pintos en la pinta.

Calendario preVISIONal
VERANO 2025 — CLOSED for repairs
  projected opening, 2030.



It’s been 730 Theys and 21 editions of PARIS 1 2 3 FO


¡Tú Jeers! ; 104 Weaks and Too Theys… never mind the hours, minutes and seconds since:

Special Forces Tribute


Arty Farty and the so-called “Intelligence Collective” re-invented La Gaité Lyrique, page 29, N°21; Julio-Agosto 2023.

Welcome To My Nightmare — You’re Poison, Le Bon!
EYE tells Ewe.

Eye don’t knows, mister Excmo. señor Embajador V-low ⬇️…

Weapons of Mass Restrictions, it’s a Cluster-Fuck of a situation.


🎶 Don’t know much Bi-ology, but I dew know that Eye loves kemchi, anyhow, Katie Phangs, cafecito under a heatwave is like French Supermarket Beer, it’s puro pinche puto CalDo, pot-au-feu, or it’s mnemonic: putas feas in the Supreme Court.

Fernand is a faggety name, sin Celery: Armando… and is “Amandi” a real last name? Évry body knows that your Amandi is missing an are. Next thing Ewe knows Chris Krispy fat ass is going to say that it’s a Florida thing, but it reeks of GOYA in P.R… 🇵🇷

Previously, Jonathan Capehart’s breath 🫁 has Cruised a-güey. Think about it, talk about it.

Ding, ding, ding… 🛎️ it’s Blunt time.


And, if you are just joining-in on the conversation. Please be advised that a scroll is not what you think that it is, and neither is Alice Cooper, and Vincent is the vocalist in fancy golf clothes 🏌️ in Spain, la VOX del pueblo de SERRAT y Anda Lucía anda seduciendo a las almendras, las clementinas and other assorted AgroPecuarians🪶

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