Drain Mí — Drain Ewe

If only the Paris Tourism Board had tickets for Waters… no fucking imagination what so ever.

And, Cousin Joe… nobody is docking a god-damned retirement account from Monsieur Fillon, or any other French Minister for that matter, NÉANMOINS, señor Bruno don’t think that I, Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano-Prieto, did not noticed that your Freaky-Friday ass didn’t forget to paint a Black Areola on that liezo de Montmartre con El Puto de Re’NOIR.

 … drain it for All Güeys
That’s the way, IT!, should Be.

Oh, my Penthouse letters to Mika at the Comcast Suite.

It’s A Cold Spring in Texas
Cut & Shoot
Eye swears I am knot making this up:

And in WaWa Land, Willie Geist is celebrating the release ANNIVERSARY from a Florida prison of his boss Joseph Charles Scarborough the Third,  following the lack of evidence for linking the body of a dead (blonde female) intern at the former Republican Congressperson’s DIRTY laundry closet in 1971. Mobile Alabamans relayed before Cousin Joe’s release from a Florida Prison next to Disney World in the most awful state in the Union, next only to Texas, off-course, that the judge released the talking Pundit, For A Few Dollars More, the district attorney charged for convicting the Intern Killer relayed that Judge Barnacle was just trying to keep up with the Thomas’ and of course The Uncle Tom from Maryland.

🧼 🎂 🛠️ 🧼 🎂 ⚒️ 🧼 🎂🖋️

Michael Steele was not available for comment, but his blonde intern informed this most-mediocre ‘french’ CONFLICT OF INTEREST that mister steel was at his weekly “soap-making” art class in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at the local REX-Bavarian underground Atelier á la Victoire de Pétain.

Against all Evens, with Stephen and Willie Geist.


Against all odds, La Kerschovas gets down with all the Young dudes and the Children of the Rev’ol Luscious are acting Stupid, but most of U.S. contagious. Entertain us, an albino and of course, Mai Libido.

Manteca à volonté…


Vise-versa… CONTRAST by any other trade:

https ://bleacherreport .com /articles /Lionel Messi perd son appel contre une peine de 21 mois de prison pour fraude fiscale

In a World where The PSG can just use the young black crack for their ticket sales advertorials, without consulting with Kylian first, comes the story of Fake Hypocritical Indignation, starring The Paris Tourism Board and Emirates Air Travel.

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