Tuesday’s Gone, let Wednesday’s dad enter the ring³

Yeah, roll that up on a news cycle and smoke it:


In the words of Mika Brzezinski, “this all connects”, the CARLS Îles follow, and Fuck. dick Cheney.

Do YOU Have Griffith Park?

We find La Kerschovas trying to put J.R. to sleep, hilarity ensues when the Nutcracker keeps the Tati™ Queen on her toes. On her Tow’s 🚀.

³~. … because the only True trou 🕳️ in life is down the Wabbit hole; that, or en el pancracio, —but Ewe gots to have las llaves DOWN to a tee.


https ://twitter .com /SegoArma /status /?s=20

Get Busy, Brahms… Tschycho Circus 🎪 🎩 follows…



… you know, “[T]hey say the fathers are the reason we have such beautiful Wenesdays,” las putas madres on the other hand, said Mercredi’s dad, “is the reason why Öüï has such cuñados.” [Sigh]… watta’Ewe gonna’Do, eh!

And, Benny Blanco from the Bronx, you fuck with PENELOPE, you fuck with Mí, what? Your punk–ass thought Öüï was Republican Senator, Tom Cruz? Fo’ Phucks Sake! His dad (step dad, anyhow) killed Mickey Mouse™.

Booooo !

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