Spics vS. Sand Niggas

TIKI Taka…

Live, from a Place Where Évry body,
knows Your Name.


… hear, Mí, out Franck (you Coq Sucker) before Ewe jumps to Conclusions.


GO’ill de Niza… Knives Out! or Stradivarius if you can fiddle while you shoot 💅🏻

In local news 📰

Lives Cut Short.

The Beatles Arrangement on the Alley, follows.

The Cliché: a Tommy Gunn inside Évry Stradivarius case, CHOP 🪓 NOW!


… Tú Morrow on the Denisa Kerschovas Show: 🪗 Sha_Perra de Mí Amour!

Breaking Knews… Attention Niggas, the “Music Oh’Police is clamping down on the Zarzuelas and The Habaneras just don’t care. She’s Got A Ticket to colonialize.

… Stand-by for context, don’t you jump into Arabesques-es—ese!

It was a Bloody Match!… It was, at the place Where Évry Body Knows Your Name, and on the Streets of Paris, well let’s just say that there’s a lot of Happy Moroccans on the strip.

Sand  Niggas Win… Fue PENAL!!!

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