Öüï now returns to, “the Spaniards and their conspiration ‘tories”

Ladies in Gemini, the bitch is now in orbit to the Dark Side of the Moon, the trip, however, has resulted in our heroine, Denisa Kerschova, to conspirate a constipation.

El País Vasko no es Espelette 🏴󠁥󠁳󠁰󠁶󠁿


Landru enters the Stage.

At this point in the draft, Cousin Joe, Ewe gots to have a STAKE! And, Öüï knows that the Chord is not a 550 Parachute Lace.

The Bourne Eye D’entité 🦷

Which is why They (those motherfuckers) are laughing their way to a PAC… and Eye just ate at Olympiades, Eye’ve bean been eating beans at the Mountain Top! And it’s all Greek to Mí.

One thing fo’Sure, and I am sure of this, in 2011 the Very French (Vf) had yet to discover El Mambo and the best thing that them cock suckers had going for ThEM#, was an ignorant Sirène 🧜🏻‍♀️ playing Quantic with some slutty Colombian from the U. K. 💅🏻

Más noble que una lechuga ☔

And, Phat Basterd’, that’s KNOT even the half of, IT!… but this WordPress Blog (propiedad de Armando Segovia) is not appropriate enough to fit a el Instituto Mexicano de SONYdo (IMS) ni la desfachatez de los Belmont. So you get this, and it is Ewe, it is Ewe, it is Ewe!

Of Course IT Is, you ignorant sleuths… It’s “The SS in Uruguay 🇺🇾.

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