And, GO’ill Denisa, do you—Dew Ewe Saint-Tropez

I insist, the French can’t rock and roll 🥐 😋…

I’m tellin’ Ewe 🤘🏼

Let’s do lunch, or as Harvey Keitel told them Reservoir Doughs:

Paris Sites… any questions, or do you just wish to continue talking among your Urban Tribes?


Let’s get some tacos.

Indeed THEY Do! Mister Liszt Lizzy Lasso.


In local news, The Amazon might breath 🫁 a sigh 😔 of RELIEF, but over at “Dee” Buffon Gardens, the GO’ill De Niza is fumigating the Monarchs.

Previously on… el Show del Negro Durazo, Arturo Durazo Moreno was drinking GELICOLA en SONORA.

She (Denisa Kerschova is not at, IT!, alone. SITREP’s relay that a certain Phat Basterd is coordinating the offensive


Just the facts, Ma’am.

OH, BOY!!!

Cannes y Perros:

Sub peditos Marinela… “Récuerdame”

That D.A.R.E. flat A is one motherfunky Offensive Treat, —knot TRICK 🎃.


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