Previously, on the menu… Neymar, Jr., {10} orders pi

Ladies in Gemini:

Y cómo dijo, Hidalgo: vamos pues, a cojer chilangos.

Fe 🦁 Zion

Fé in Zion… Fe²⁶ en Zi³⁰ – What happens when Öüï gets where Öüï don’t know? Well, Öüï could ask Bach, but before Öüï touches base with Sébastien, Jean, let US go with Bob! What says Ewe, Marley?

Stupid Triangles

I Don’t Need a Microphone, Ignatius… fucking Juniors, here, you can have your pi and eat it too.

Where’s the confounded integral?

… In sandy Hooks, news, Jackie Alemany just called Saul:

Better call Saul…

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