Previously on, “Sobre Las Olas del HdV”

The year was 2013…

El Grito en ORIÓN (the hunter). And as I was telling Bruno and Stephanie Menou at the préfecture de Paris in 2012, 2013, 2014 and finally on the EVE of the Iguala shootings. Neither the French, nor your Mexican súbditos have the vision (at the time) to see what it is, that it is under Betelgeuse’s Belt.


Lo n-Behold, what are the odds that the Médiathèque Jean-Pierre Melville had a little “movie” shrine dedicated to “Latinos”, but only the ones from Guatemala to La PATAGONIA. Mexicans can celebrate Texas and send “remesas” to their Mesías Tropical.

But seriously, if this set 📐 up had taken place during the Chilenean’s national day, i would have toasted the librarian responsible for this map of “South América” with bootlegged pisco, however, take it from Alicia LEOS, just go with the flow, an explanation will most definitely turn both kilometric and theatrically gloomy, or something like that. So trust me when I relay that seeing that set 📐 up today is best left to chance, so let’s ask the expert, Cerf-gato, what says you, bitch?


So, yes! What is, the definition of a fucking latino at Balard, Balart?


Xavier is not what you think that Javier is.

… but seriously, if youse gonna let them “juniors” in into your Snake-charming tent then you … motherfuckers — let

  ∴ in all Haitians and stop being dicks in Tijuana!



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