Oh hey, Banzaï Göil

Rebâtir notre-radio 🥸

Come to the yard sale, the Frogs call this event the “Empty the shit out of the caves”, or some rummage jumble for your interior design. Frida y Diego can lick my balls.

Previously on Pedro Ramírez, Rossini took the bus to Auber qué pedo surge en El Horizonte. And of course, our Mexican connection in Deutschland relays that Off-en_Bach hiede a Rayos, o algo así.

And starring as Virgo ♍, Denisa Kerschova… Eye literally cannot make this shit up.

Leave the Phat Basterd’… Bring Astrud Gilberto, she’s “latina” right?

Ladies in Gemini, the following is a Public Service Announcement.

Youse a rainbow in the dark 🌑 Paris design week 2022.


In Hilo, Hawaii, it’s Primetime and in Paris, France, the Mexican Consulate across from Her (rue de La Banque) at la rue de Notre Dame des Victoires will be closed to celebrate “al jefe de Diego’s”, un tal, “suavitel”.

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