Dear, Nathalie… Meet Macario 🦃

Don’t fear the reaper… all he needs is a guajolote en El Parque de Los Cartuchos de La Gendarmerie.

She’s leaving home

Note to editors: please relay to Phat Bastard at France musique that I see his  “snoopy” 🎃, Charles, and I raise that sonovabitch a FOckin’ 🦃 from Barcelonette.

Any hoot, Nathalie, Eye hates to burst your SILENZIO! But, Carlos Gardel was born in Montevideo, Uruguay 🪗 Issy, morena en L’équinoxe de las Palmas des–Moulineaux, “Turn Off YOUR Mind, Relax and float downstream… (🇺🇾 🌬️) Tomorrow Never Knows,” tomorrow is French.

The Queen is Dead, fuck Charles the III.

… The Umbilical CHORD of Liberty.

And, Mara Gay… from the Editorial Boars at The New York Times, to answer your question about Empires and the need for guajolotes at the Parc Floral de Vincennes, Öüï switch-it over to Breaking Bat y Can episode:

Arquetípicos Arquitectos : grupo 24hrs. 12-step orchestra.

I swear, France musique has no fucking imagination.

… Ewe say Ewe want a revolution? D.A.T. above is a 180⁰, in case you want precision.

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