Vámonos con Anne Hidalgo, by Ignacio López Tarso

Ok, let me knot remind SuzAnne that Six Degrees of anything is 2 bases more than what the Diamond requires, and by those Standards, Öüï may ask Brian if Deacon eats Bacon, and Roger said, —What

https ://en .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Lake_Havasu_City ,_Arizona

News from them Cliffs of Dover broke that The London Bridge was “falling” down, and that’s Ok 🦃, Macario Barrera de Sol, our correspondent in Mesa, Arizona, relays that the Empire has an exact patron of the original in stock.

Laboratorios Camacho de la calle Stanton en El Paso, Texas, y El Jabón del Perro Agradecido presentan:
Who’s Gonna Walk Your Brown Corgis ?


1. Just the facts, Mr. President, just the facts.

“Michelle? Michelle is fine.”

n⁰ 44 at the unveiling of The Obama’s vernissage at The White House.


ShoTime’s 33rd Engagement Air Wings Commodores.





3. The Queen is the ILLEST!

Sponsored by The Great Colbert and The East India Coffee Company.

Pomp and Circumstance in The U.K.


From Anthology to Nirvana…


Note to editors, Lemmy Kilmister was not available on the 200 – 500 rpm section of the Compact Disc collection of The Melvin’s in Paris, as he had a previous Engagement at The Aylesbury Friars (1979) on the rack section of La Bibliothèque.


Six Degrees of Winston Churchill. Narrated by Neville Chamberlain.


— ¿Heaven?…

South of it, if you must inquire.


Die Hard, With A Vengance… The perfect time to rob London Town… All eyes on Scotland.


Still to come, The Benny Hill show starring Prince Charles as The Guy Who Can’t Go To Jail, according to “Tía Mara³” of the editorial board of The New York Times.


Nevermind the bridge…


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