August 3, 2022 — FASCISM AT THE Bpi

Ne regarde pas… It’s a GERMAN MUSEUM…’

In a few seconds I will be running out of battery, so later on,  this thread (hopefully) might be continued. If the French don’t get all Gestapo at the Bpi.

Viva La France… Play Ball, motherfuckers.

It’s like the ballad of John and Yoko, if Napoleon had not set his eyes on Chepina.

20h03 RATP cops… Yea! What are the odds! Cleared at yada yada and sixteen minutes.

It’s gonna be a long night… Now the reason that I strolled to the Blvd. Bourbon next to Bastille is on account that the police has a record on me there, but wouldn’t you know it, they ARE CLOSED PERMANENTLY.

 If youse just joining us, for the past month or so, 3 July, to be precise, I took a closer look at the disassembly of a temporary outdoor elevator shaft at the Bibliothèque Publique d’information national, today I took a closer look at the inside of that tangent on the Third floor of said parking lot. What followed is straight out of CASABLANCA… “what do you mean that there is gambling inside the house!”.

Racism in France… not a chance, they are simply complicit with Despots [ capital “d”]. It’s their job.

20h37 CET… the temporary headquarters of The Grand Palais Commissariat. En Espagnol: we are closed, go to our (Prefecture) Palais Royal precint { you fucking wetback} only pretty Mexicans are allowed here.

For context, i’ve been there before, I was sent there from the 5éme. I had burnt marks to compensate the visit. The pigs there could not operate the computers at that moment, like Mexican cops they laughed and acted like circuses monkeys. Too bad that the camera there requires a “JEWdicial” audit.

20h30 CET… Back to the Grand Palais Commissariat, it seems that all of The Paris Police precincts went on vacation to KABUL, or some strong-arm department like that.

Fuck you clochard… We are closed.

Fuck you clochard… We are closed.

so… The Police Station closed at the rue aux Ours, next to Blvd. Sebastopol… I got this from the French fellows at Rue St. Martin / Ave. Victoria… They had closed for the day. This is what Joseph Goebbels called THE RUN AROUND… because they are no longer allowed to do the ROUND-EM-Up like they did with the Jews

A message for the Algerian NAZI 🕴🏼 à le Centre Georges Pompidou… Do Note the Look, it’s a GERMAN shoebox. I know that you are mad not because I was laying down, but because I Called the TATIANA TROUVÉ firehose-grade leaks shooting of of the men’s bathroom walls… unlike you, sir, i call’em as I see’em, not as your supervisor interprets it, —motherfucker.

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