Be All That You Can Be — In your air VACATION homes condition

Congress loves VETS, just like BoBos love their PETS… only on BFM’er TV.

Paris, France, August 02, 2022_ In what might very well be ‘the mother of all ironies” the Agence France Presse just released an expose that sheds light on Senate Republicans, and the PET health insurance and gourmet animal chefs that TAXPAYERS pay for them.

And in Washington, our D.C. Bureau just sent a TELEGRAM IN Navajo code, relaying to MORNING JOE that, maybe he and his lovely CREW woke up to Commander Kirby’s news about how a MANSION in Kabul just got their front yard mowed, but ÖÜÏ KNEW THIS 24 HOURS AU MANS AGO.

https ://i0 .wp .com /asegovia3 .com /wp-content /uploads /2022 /08 /IMG_20220801_145857 .jpg?ssl=1

Sources close to The Rear Admiral relay that las veddettes de Paris also “paint houses” using an IRISH MAN’S CREW.

And, starring as Zorro: Rear Admiral Kirby, the Kons-Piracy Kid.



Sources close to Marc PolyMeroPoulus, a spook, praise the Greek connection via MBS in the takedown of a Forever War. The timing is impecable and Admiral Stradivarius just broke out the RISK Champagne 🍾 🥂… détails at Nine on the Hannity show.

And like an ExPat or a Narco at La Condesa or La Colonia Roma, a ‘bad’ guy was mowed down, no word if the talibanes guest was drinking exotic coffee.

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