First Wednesday of the month reminder

Attention camp, this is an in-kind reminder that there is no such thing as a free lunch, at least that is what Eye, says, notwithstanding, … Nevermind, ya llegó l’autoridad, gotta move location… Stand-by and keep your Squelch on.


But first, it’s “fuck you” Le Mire… pronounced cocksucker. Surely you must remember this…

In Local News, it’s “Hurry up you fat Phucks”, you are interrupting my Permanent Plages de Paris, ese ✊🏼

Dock that Frog a They’s pay for takin’ care of U.S.

… after Fluctuat Nec Mergitur, it’s VIEJAS FEAS at HdV.


And, Mme. Hidalgo, cualquier parecido con Las Más Cabronas, is just a coincidence… ARMENIA-CITY-IN-the sky.

Si tu savais juste – Você é sua própria pessoa _ – _ Do What Thou Wilt


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