Send Texas back to Mexico…

Patriotic Portrait on Fox and Friends 4th of July, 2022 edition.


And, Keylee McCaninny…

Did Eye mention that Öüï gots vegan beef jerkey upon request?

It’s just a Kiss 💋 away… kosher dogs available if Ewe orders before Friday.

Bezoz, Baybee… I got beef jerky and a mini bar, come over. And, Keylee, Judge Pirro needs an update on her pixles, her honor is melting like her makeup on a Trump Sunbathing capsule.


But seriously, WILLIE Geist, Öüï knows Ewe loves thee, and Eye is really-Reuily concerned about  that display of denial that you spat back to mister Brewster, and Shaq is not silly, “THE 4TH of July is the deadliest holiday in the U.S.”, regardless if 🙊 YOU, sir, don’t 🙈 see it that way 🙉, period:

Râpe – Moi’der
It’s just a shot away.

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