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Musical guest?



Yeah, kind of, but you know how those blind, deaf and dumb French, roll… you must have, as NYC cops say in “the profession”,  that fucking “preliminary” article in front of Le « perp ».

“I am The Keymaster”…
Let “God’s gift to the
NRA” play with the short ones, they are all RINOS!

“Two minutes, Turkish.”

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /musicopolis /tommy-des-who-premier-opera-rocktommy-des-who-premier-opera-rock-9288656

Chespirito’s Theme goes here… “It’s a smol WO’id after all”, period en bicicleta.


https ://www .rfi .fr /fr /podcasts /07h15 /20220621 –21-juin-2022 -merde-in-france

Two minutes


“Youse Hip-hop to da’Bone”, only on the Cross Connection.
Des années plus tard, le musicien et producteur français Jean-Jacques Perry a réalisé une adaptation de la Marche turque de Beethoven, qu’il a finalement intitulée “L’éléphant n’oublie jamais”.


tú tú, seconds on the rfi freq’s

But first, let’s take a trip down to… never mind, Eye is running late…

Matt Damon is a Crypto Fag who lives in Zoo… And BRONTIS is his neighbor, “Won’t you be his, —neighbor?”.

Space Lasers in The Rain ☔ follows… and EYE swears that Öüï is knot making this Merde UP!, Sun!
That Gervais kid just kidnapped Denisa Kerschova, Gervais is keeping the GO’ill de Niza in the basement of a Pizza Joint.

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