And, those motherfuckers are off…

Musical Guest:. Kamaal Williams -_✓ 18h à minuit : Peacock Society, avec les lives de Kamaal Williams & Jazzpool, Knucks et invité et les DJ sets de Diplo, Tatyana Jane b2b Greg, Banga b2b Rag Doowap, Adidaddi, Kim Turnbull et Wix (électro). Jardin Nelson Mandela (derrière la Bourse de Commerce), métro Louvre – Rivoli.

I swear those fucking fishes and that WaWa Hot Dog… O sea… The fucking Dolphin havs it better than the prick on them Steps.

The House of the Rising Díaz-Balart 🇨🇺

83 inches…  Not to be outdone be Linda Loveless, Fox and Friends deep throated the Governor of Virginia YOUNGKIN, Steve and Glenn spent the They together…

You Came on a Long Güey, Governor.

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