And, GO’ill de Niza… No confundas los Cosaques con:

Is it… ummm 🤔

The difference between 18 year olds in Europa is that the Call of Duty playing kids are not Free!!! Like the kids at the Piggly Wiggly in Floribama.

Unlike the Call of Duty couch potato kids in Ted Cruz’ America… Stay tuned for the inauguration of Superintendent ARREDONDO after the burial of the KIDS that he is responsible for BLEEDING TO DEATH. Yes he is.

A~. The Harp… agones, pronounced as —You Miserable Bastard, rolling blackouts arrive and you FLY to Cancun?

It means Snowflake in French.

B~. This line is Knot available in your Stadium, mister Dauphin of France.

Live from El Teatro de Los Dos Pueblos.

C~. See is for cheaters: ask François Hollande

WATT IS DAT? Must be pronounced in Spanish, not in BAVARIAN speech.

Qu’es aquo ?

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