Intermission Music — get your own Jaco’s Pastramis-es—ese

After the break, it’s the 33rd ren’Dition de Monsieur Poquelin at the Queen’s Théâter 🎭 in Versailles…

La Française des Jeux, at the Poker Museum at ISSY-LES-MOULINEAUX INVITES Ewe to play the new Bingo version of the CLASSIC Amigo™️ NUMBERS:
THE AMIGO ™️ navigo ®️ bingo… coma Frutas y verduras.

But first, the news in Real Time.

A disgruntled Metro Line 1 was heard squeaking, and Eye Quotes:
Amarillo no me pongo…

in Paris, France, following the inauguration of the new track sections of Metro Line 12, Metro Line 1 went on Strike during the Rat Race Hour.


From, The Producers
Congratulations to Mel Brooks on becoming French.

Episode 33, Season 400

With All Due Respect.

Our Thoughts an PRIORS are with BFMTV


Winner of The Melle. Pitch Award ⚽⌛📺🏆

in Hilo, Hawaii, Memorial They remains in Effect
Synopses in this segment is not the plural of a summary or a general survey, but rather the Trilogy of Marc, Luke, and that other guy… Matéo

From the Los Angeles Times:

OP-ED there suggests a clone of MEMORIAL DAY, in the United States for all of the victims of Charleston Heston and The NRA.

Question to El Ey OP-ED:

Does this include the victims of your neighbors to the South in The Merida Plan?


Will the Mexicans need their own May 8th like in Europe, in other to qualify for a Halmark Card ♠️ ?

le président Emmanuel Macron a fait de part de “sa peine” sur Twitter et a rappelé le “soutien inconditionnel de la France” à l’égard de l’ensemble des journalistes dans le cadre de l’exercice de leur métier.

Just–in–Time Halmark memories for the calendar.

Improvisation? I don’t need no fucking improvisation, I deal in reality and it rhymes with duality.


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